Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250
Item Name KX 250
Harga Rp 88.000.000 Off The Road

Bore (in)    :3.03

Bore (mm)  :77

Carburetion Brand       :Keihin

Compression Ratio              :13.51

Cooling     :Liquid

Cylinders     :1

Displacement (cc)                   :249

Displacement (ci) :15.2

Engine Configuration :Single-Cylinder

Engine Type                           :4-Stroke

Fuel Injector                             :Yes

Fuel Injector Size (mm) :43

Fuel System Type                     :Fuel Injected

Starter                                   :Kick

Stroke (in)                               :2.11

Stroke (mm)                           :53.6

Valve Configuration               :DOHC

Valves                                     :4

Valves Per Cylinder               :4


Number Of Speeds                 :5

Primary Drive (Rear Wheel)   :Chain

Reverse                                   :No

Transmission Type                   :Manual


Front Wheel Diameter :21

Rear Wheel Diameter :19

Tube / Tubeless :Tubed

Wheels Composition :Aluminum


Front Tire Aspect Ratio :100

Front Tire (Full Spec) :80/100 R21

Front Tire Width                       :80

Rear Tire Aspect Ratio :90

Rear Tire (Full Spec) :100/90 R19

Rear Tire Width :100


Anti-Lock Brakes                     :Not Available

Front Brake Diameter (in)         :9.9

Front Brake Diameter (mm)     :250

Front Brake Type                     :Disc

Rear Brake Diameter (in)         :9.5

Rear Brake Diameter (mm)     :240

Rear Brake Type                   :Disc

Suspension & Steering

Air Adjustable                                     :No

Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load           :No

Front Adjustable Rebound Damping   :Yes

Front Central Suspension Strut           :No

Front Fork Diameter (in)                     :1.9

Front Fork Diameter (mm)                 :47

Front Suspension Brand Name           :Showa

Front Suspension Type                       :Inverted Fork

Front Travel (in)                                   :12.4

Front Travel (mm)                               :315

Number Rear Shock Absorbers           :1

Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping :Yes

Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load :Yes

Rear Suspension Brand Name           :UNI-TRAK

Rear Suspension Type                       :Twin Sided Swing Arm

Rear Swingarm Material                   :Aluminum

Rear Travel (in)                                 :12.2

Rear Travel (mm)                               :309.9

Steering Damper                               :No

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